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Herbal Medicine  

Herbs are gentle and powerful healing agents for both chronic and acute conditions. We provide herbal medicine in multiple forms to fit different personalities and lifestyles.  Herbal medicine is what we as humans have evolved with, and their action can range from dramatic antibiotic-like interventions to constitution-supporting tonics. The superior way of using herbs according to Oriental traditions is preventive medicine, as in regular ingestion of dietary food-like herbal tonics. This supports the body’s unique constitution, preventing both acute infections and deadly diseases. In this way, they also promote health and harmony, reduce stress, and generally promote a good life.

Examples of forms that we administer herbs in are pleasant beverage teas, more potent herbal decoctions, essential oils in an ambient or more direct form, tinctures and tablets. Topical applications are also employed, as well as any other applicable mode. 
Our tinctures are uniquely effective, hand-crafted products which deliver the benefits of potent decocted formulas in a user-friendly form. The medicines that we use span the globe: as glad as we are to find the remedy that suits you best, we can also survey your yard to show you healing plants you can use to good effect.

Education is a crucial factor in self-healing and herbal medicine. Our reference library is extensive and open to the public, and we as practitioners are in a perpetual mode of learning and further education.
Essential Oils constitute a branch of Herbalism.  A vast amount of plant material is used to yield a small bottle of oil, and they are thus highly concentrated.  They are particularly suited to treating skin, respiratory, mental-emotional and muscular problems.  Use of essential oils on specific acupuncture points is a new and powerful modality.

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