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Moxabustion is the application of heat on specific points via the herb Artemesia vulgaris, or Mugwort. This herb is ground down to form a wooly substance which is applied wrapped in stick form or kneaded into a cone and placed directly onto the  skin. Artemesia vulgaris has one of the highest temperatures when burned and can penetrate deep within the musculature system to resolve pain and stagnation. Its energetic qualities are warming and dispersing. This makes it effective for a wide range of conditions ranging from digestive and gynecological conditions to musculoskeletal problems.  Application of moxa is a method for stimulating acupuncture points, just as needling and massage are. Points are heated to a level of comfortable warmth, without any burning of the skin. The sensation is very comforting and relaxing. 




Cupping is  a therapy in which  jars are applied to the body's broad, flat areas, such as the back. They are held in place by means of suction created by extinguishing  oxygen in the jar.  Cupping is useful in bringing stagnation of  blood or toxins to the surface of the body where they can be more easily released. Examples of conditions treated in this way are fixed and sharp chronic pain and suppurating skin conditions. It is usually a pleasant feeling, although it can feel uncomfortable as pressure is created with  the suction. Painless marks may be left on the skin and can remain for 7-10 days.


Nutrition Therapy


Nutrition is a major branch of Chinese Medicine. It is the first line of treatment, before herbs and acupuncture. One's constitution and condition should dictate one's diet.  Just as a system of cause and effect occurs in Nature, eating warming foods can treat a cold constitution or condition, and vice versa. The Chinese and many other systems of natural medicine have spent millenia observing how different substances, including food, effect our body's function.  Nutritional therapy has been developed as a modality that can stand on its own.  During treatment, an acupuncturist should inquire about the dietary habits of all patients.  Often recommendations are made that can be crucial to the success of the treatment.  Emphasis is placed on well-balanced nutrition in terms of vitamins, minerals, and fiber intake as well. The typical overheated American diet of foods like French fries, chili dogs, hot dogs, hot off the griddle Johnny cakes, meats, alcohol, etc. will create an unbalanced system that is vulnerable to diseases of heat or excess, such as cancer and heart disease.





Exercise is a cornerstone of good health and balance.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, movement and exercise are said to encourage healthy movement of Qi. It is also said that stagnation of Qi energy is the cause of  disease and pain.  Consequently, exercising regularly to circulate Qi can have very direct healing and strengthening effects.  Tai Qi and Qi Gong are two Chinese forms of exercise that have a specific aim to circulate and enhance Qi energy.  Although the movements of these exercises are usually slow and gentle, they can have great strengthening effects because of their intentional, meditative nature and stimulation of the meridians. Joint movement and flexibility are stressed, since these areas are especially susceptible to stagnation.

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